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Oct 2013 18

erik potempaThis cycle for me has been a lot about inclusion, uncertainty, and irreverence instrumentally… and taking it into my craft and taking that craft/process into the audition room. The idea of including everything that comes up (feelings, images, etc.) can be really scary going in the heat of the audition experience. John Jenis recommended including that fear and how I feel about it… and the imagery that comes from that. Instead of jumping over it to where I think I should be or wish I could be. That advice coupled with starting the Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron this week has shifted a lot for me and opened a door that has been closed or just barely cracked for a long time. In the Artist’s Way Julia talks a lot about the universe or god supplying the creativity and we the artists are just channels for it (And that our artist is simply a kid that loves to play). A light  bulb went off… and I instantly made the connection between imagery, my present state of being/feeling and the universe. That the subconscious choices that come up “imagistically” and the feelings that are constantly there and changing are all actually supplied by the universe. That I don’t actually have to do anything… just trust that the universe or god or whatever you call it will supply something… which it always does (even nothing is something). And let my artist play with whatever comes up! Coincidentally, I had an audition that afternoon and felt like I included more than I ever have in an audition. And have a clear feeling of how I could allow myself even more permission to include/experiment next time!

Link to Erik Potempa’s website

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Oct 2013 13

Master Instructor, Anna Ivara, the one responsible for introducing Eric Morris to Sub-Personality and Voice Dialogue back in the day is joining Anthony Vincent Bova in a Sub-Personality Intensive on November 9 & 10.

BroadwayWorld wrote a nice article on it.  Hope you enjoy, and let us know if you are interested -



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Aug 2013 29


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September at a Glance day 2 Summer Intensive 053

FREE Intro – Demo / Tues Eve, Sept 3rd

Weekly Class Starts – Sept 9, 10,11

Adv Class  - Monday Afternoons

Beg-Int Class – Tuesday Evenings

Beg-Int Class – Wed Mornings

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Aug 2013 10

Exciting News!  Actors can Take Class NOW and Pay Later using Paypal’s BILL ME LATER option.

Actors receive an additional savings of $50 if registering for the fall cycle on or before August 16th.

Bill Me Later Paypal










Our Fall Weekly Classes begin Sept 9,10 & 11

Beg-Int     Tuesday Evening’s & Wednesday Morning’s

Adv  Monday Afternoon’s.


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