Book  Signing of Freeing the Actor 
Fri, April 27

Drama Book Shop / 250 W. 40 St / Free
5 – 7 PM
Eric Morris will be starting off with a Lecture and ending with a Q & A and Book Signing of Freeing the Actor.  This is a great time to hear Eric Morris speak about how his System is different from the  “Old Guard” method’s of acting.  Feel free to come with friends and colleagues.
Reservations for this event is at the bottom of this page.

Sat & Sun, April 28 & 29 New York Eric Morris Weekend Workshop

$600 Full Participation Actor (limited to 20)
$300 Group Participation Actor
The difference between the two is as follows:  Full Participation Actors work with Eric Sat and Sun alone or with a partner.   Group Participation Actors are involved in all the Group work, (which is a LOT with Susana facilitating it) but do not work with Eric alone or with a partner.

Location: MTC: 311 W. 43 St.  8th Fl
Sat 10 AM – 9:30 PM / Sun 10 AM – 7:00 PM

Workshop Details:
Actors should come to this workshop with a 1 – 2 minute monologue memorized.
If you are working on a scene with another actor in class, be ready to work on the scene as well.

Sat, April 28 / 10 AM start
- Susana Morris: facilitating Relaxation – Sensitizing – Personal Inventory – Being Workout – 2 Person Exercises
- Lunch
- Eric Morris: facilitating 20 actors in Instrumental Work
- Short Break
- Susana Morris:  facilitating Monologue Preparation, Scene Parallel, or Scene Preparation

Sun, April 29 / 10 AM start
- Susana Morris: facilitating Relaxation-Sensitizing-Personal Inventory. Rehearsal of monologues, scenes, or scene parallels
- Lunch
- Eric Morris: facilitating Monologues, Scenes, or Scene parallels with those actors that worked on Saturday afternoon with Eric Morris.
- Closing Debrief Round

Admin Agreement: Actors must fully read and agree to the admin agreement for this workshop.
Reservations for this workshop is at the bottom of this page.

Party Time - Celebrating 50 Years of the Eric Morris System & Eric Morris’s 80th Birthday / FreeSun Evening, April 29

7:30  - 9:30
Southern Hospitality
645 9th Avenue (Corner of 45th Street in Hell’s Kitchen)
Cash bar with Happy Hour pricing and buffet provided by Bova Actors Workshop (Cash kitchen available also)


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