The Eric Morris System.  What is it? The title of Eric Morris’s famous first book, No Acting Please, sums it up nicely.  This revolutionary acting System is the result of almost 50 years Eric has dedicated to addressing gaps found in other acting techniques and methodologies.

There are two primary sections in the Eric Morris System. The first is Instrumental Work; the process of identifying and eliminating obstacles to expression, reacting and BEING. BEING is a state the actor strives to achieve; which is expressing nothing more or less than what the actor is experiencing in the moment. The second section is the Craft Work; the step by step process of creating the characters reality. Six of about thirty ways the actor creates the character’s reality include Available Stimulus, Sense Memory, Sub-Personality, Imaging, Externals, and Affective Memory.

Both sections are fully dependent on each other but in the beginning educational foundation stages the two stages are often addressed separately.